Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Minor's Counsel

I am seeking out parents who have been involved with L. Ernestine Fields. She is minor's counsel in Los Angeles county. The teddy bear attorney, Comfort for Kids, Dependency Court of Los Angeles County,
Family Law court. If you have had a case or have a case in which minors counsel L. Ernestine Fields was involved we would like to talk to you or communicate via email. The greatest battles are conquered when people unity. I know there are many people going through the emotional abuse she inflicts upon families. I know you are afraid to talk about it or trust anyone or battle a so called powerful person like her. I assure you she will strip you of your children even if your nice to her. If she has made up her mind it wouldn't matter if you were wearing a halo she WILL go for the jugular. Her own children Candice and Karen are both an attorney and a medical professional and I often wonder if they condone their mothers lack of ethics or plain out cruellty. I often wonder if her 80 years has caused her a diagnosis of dimentia which would be very common at such an elderly age. I mean when do they force a person to retire? After several incompetant reports when will it be enough to say Ernestine it's time to step down, your old now.Also here's a fact...she was born on Halloween...coincidence? I think not!
Don't allow her to continue to run your life, make a change

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

L. Ernestine Fields Minor's Counsel: Minor's Counsel

L. Ernestine Fields Minor's Counsel: Minor's Counsel: So you think your child is being abused, your going through a custody battle and the judge or the x-spouse has just requested the help of mi...

Minor's Counsel

So you think your child is being abused, your going through a custody battle and the judge or the x-spouse has just requested the help of minor's counsel. Wow, are you in for a ride....unless of course, your the parent who is receiving the help of minor's counsel. Don't be so confident that your little child, so innocent and full of life is going to be heard, they won't! In fact, they may be shut up, lied to, coerced, hidden, and even threatened. Sounds like something out of a movie script, but it's not. It's real and if your the person suspecting abuse, especially if your the mother, be prepared for a battle and make sure you have a deep pocket because it's going to cost you, and cost you dearly.

I want everyone who has had this experience to PLEASE post your story on this blog. These people must be stopped, now I am not talking about the fair and honest minor's counsel (there isn't many of them, but there are a few) I am talking about the connected, decieving, conspiritors who shield themselves behind a child, or should I say, thier clients. DO NOT be fooled, they are blood thirsty and will stop at nothing to get what they want. This is not baout your child, it's about thier ego! They are the experts, or so they say.

L. Ernestine Fields...if you have been involved with this viper please post here. I hope to hear from you soon